Hundreds of kilometers of cycle path, beautifully plotted through car-poor areas,
enjoy the beautiful nature and cycle from node to node.
Of course there are also maps and routes available at the local Tourist Information Points / TIPs.
But ..... is there something wrong with the nodes?
Please report this, then it can be solved
Thanks for the effort

Use the online route planner!

How does it work....?

From the Brabantse Kempen you can be wonderfully active.
The online route planner shows the route map in the immediate vicinity.
They are official and well-marked routes via junctions, so you can get out and about without worry!
This is how this route planner works:
Scroll the map and zoom in and out to get a better look at the routes.
With the tabs at the top of the map you can switch between cycling, walking, MTB and equestrian routes.
As a cyclist, walker or rider in North Brabant you can easily use the junction system;
a network of beautiful and clearly signposted walking and cycling paths throughout North Brabant.
Each node has its own number.
By walking or driving from one junction to the next, you create your own route.
Along the cycling and walking paths there are signs with the junction numbers and arrows that point you in the right way.
There is also a panel with a route map at every junction,
so that you can always adjust your route.
The distances between the nodes are also indicated here.

de Brabantse Kempen

Discover beautiful places in de Brabantse Kempen!

No end to cycling in Brabant’s Kempen region

No end to cycling in Brabant’s Kempen region Antwerp’s Kempen region (in Belgium) and Brabant’s Kempen region (in the Netherlands)
offer a picturesque variety of flat landscapes connected in a natural way by 450 kilometres of trails and a network of hubs.
Beacon technology, sights to see, historic buildings in a green setting, and Medieval village centres are our ingredients for a multi-day cycling holiday that gives you everything you’ll ever want.
The digital route planning of “Routebureau Brabant” makes your cycling experience a breeze.
Dismount sometime and visit a cycler’s café!

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