de Brabantse Kempen

Discover beautiful places in de Brabantse Kempen!

Discover pure enjoyment in de Brabantse Kempen

Get to know us!
The fun starts in the Brabant's Kempen region together with the adjoining Antwerp's Kempen region,
a cross-border park full of things for active vistors to see and do.

Its 450 kilometres of excellent cycle trails with a network of hubs
let you cycle for days and sleep in the best B&B's in the Netherlands.

Route informations is available at our tourist information centres.

The International Two Day Walk and the winner of the "Hiking Municipality of the Year"
together with our 1000 km of hiking trails make this region a wonderful challenge for the experienced hiker.
In the Brabant's Kempen Region, you can start your Pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostella.

Pure enjoyment!
Kempen's landscape, which is dotted with historic village centres
many dating from the Middle Ages - reflects a rich cultural history.

The old estates have opened their grounds to use by cycliste and hikers.

The Acht Zalighden (Eight villages known as "the Eight Beatitudes")
are famous even across our borders and serve as the basis for our pursuit of excellent hospitality.

More to enjoy!
Take part in the guild processions, carnival activities in the villages,
the 4-day cycle tour and music festivals that will satisfy you like the statue known as "the Contented Person".

The Bockenrijders, Koperteuten and Nekkermennekes are the icons of this region.

Stories about them are enthusiastically shared while enjoying some of our many regional products and alcoholic beverages.

Discover pure enjoyment!

Bye-bye, and see you soon!